One of the main reasons why people buy health insurance is to save tax. Health insurance Florida encourages people to buy health insurance but warns people to be careful on the health insurance that they are buying. Financial advisors also have their say on having a health insurance and they say that it is important for everyone to have one so that in case you fall sick you might not find yourself using all your savings on hospital bill. What you should know about the medical insurance cover is that this is a long term commitment that you take with your family in case of any medical emergencies.

Pre and post hospitalization expenses

Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered in the health insurance plans. The expenses last for few days before one is hospitalized and few days after one has been discharged from hospital. The kind of health insurer that you choose determines the number of days covered because they differ from one company to the other.  Pre-hospitalization entails going through certain tests and this is done before you are hospitalized. The policy that you buy is what determines the number of days for pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization. In most cases pre-hospitalization takes between 30 to 60days and on the other hand post-hospitalization takes around 60 to 180 days.


Sub-limits on expenses are always put by all insurance companies and some of these expenses include ambulance charges, preventive health check-up, room-rents and many others. Sometimes the expenses have to be restricted to some percentages. Medical insurance Florida has sub-limits so that people can be able to reduce expenses.

Waiting period for specified illnesses and existing diseases

It is important to know that insurance companies do not cover pre-existing diseases from the first day of the plan. These diseases are only covered after a certain period of privacy and this depends on how it is stated in the plan. Because different health insurance companies have their own rules and regulations, this makes the waiting period to also vary from one plan to the other. In most cases specified illnesses start after 24 months and this is in accordance to the health insurance plans.

 Number of cashless network hospitals

There is important information that you should collect from insurance companies before deciding to take a medical cover. Ensure you know the number of hospitals that your health insurance plan covers and whether these hospitals are close to the place where you stay. This is very important more so when there is an emergency because it gives you a convenient option. It’s only the hospitals that are near to you that will enable you to see the benefits of cashless treatment.

Co-payment clause

Co-payment clause can be either optional or mandatory and this depends on the type of health insurance Company that you choose and age also matters. Co-payment clause reduces the premium that you pay when you have been hospitalized and you have to pay some of these premiums from your pocket. Last but not least, most insurance Florida companies provide good medical covers for you and family and this ensures people stay heath at all times.